Plump up your Interior!

Posted 3rd June 2016 by Mooch Designs


 We are all trying to create a space in which we live that feels comfortable, homely and welcoming.
A sanctury where we retreat, relax, entertain and most importantly spend time with our family.
Cushions will certainly help with achieving this.
I've always loved cushions, I think I have been captured by the fabric in which was used to create them.
We know it is a far more economical way to update your interior style by changing a few cushions that adorn your sofa, chairs or your bed, than to change the furniture! If you have made a good selection when purchasing your furniture, your living area can be transformed to many different styles and adapt to the seasons by simply changing your cushions. 
We can use cushions to create a warm interior as weather turns cooler, by using frabrics in richer tones and textures and adding a few more cushions to create that cosy feel, don't forget to add a throw rug to wrap around yourself on those extra cold nights!
Liven up a dreary space by adding brightly coloured cushions and art work in bold prints.
Soften hard finishes by the use of subdued colours and muted tones.
Cool your interior in the summer by using cool colours for your soft furnishings.
Perhaps navy and crisp white to create the classic beach style, add  indoor plants and green tones using tropical prints for cushions and wall art to your interior to create a cool island retreat!
How you display them will also create a mood, if you are trying to create a more casual space you would use an odd number of a somewhat coordinated mix of cushions on each or just one end of your sofa.
If you're looking to formalise your room you need to create balance and symmetry, therefore I would suggest the same amount and a balance of the fabric choices at each end of the sofa, positioned in a neater fashion.
I'm Happy to help you with your decorating dilemmas!! So send me a pic of your room if you'd like some free advice on what to select to acheive the result you desire.
Always remember decorating your home is about what YOU love....
Happy Decorating!